Saturday, November 22, 2008

Youth Conference

I was in Nashville this wknd for the Youth Specialties conference and some camper recruitment. The extra large conference for youth workers was somewhat a diappointment. The theme was Seriously Ridiculous...meaning that God does some seriously ridiculous things to bring us closer to Him. In some ways I agree, but I was not impressed this year by the speakers and seminars offered. The youth staff and college folks that I attended with felt the same. One noted that the theme should have been: Be Good for Goodness Sake. Appropriate seeing that many of the speakers explained how to not fall into consumerism... seems to be an ongoing theme these days... and to do good for others and for God. No mention of Christ. Hmm.

David Crowder Band and Shane and Shane played for worship during two of the 4 General Sessions. They were awesome. Shane and Shane are true worship leaders.

Again, I was not impressed with the conference but I was happy to hang with friends and to get to know them better. One friend, Slim, and I rode to Nashville together and discussed various things the entire trip. Marriage, kids, ministry, family were among the topics during the 5 hour drive. It was awesome to get to know Slim better. Plus, we shared a queen sized bed during the wknd (with 4 of us in one room)...he snores...loudly...but i still like him. We also talked over bfast and coffee each morning before everyone woke. It was a nice time shared among friends.

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